I am in love with the exquisite nature of subtle energy, and believe deeply in the healing power of heart based attention and emotional attunement.  In my experience there is an emergent quality of being that can heal all things, and by heal, I mean to bring into right relationship, to embody one’s true nature, all the way from the level of soul to the physical expression of self.  That emergence begins with listening, and from that place of attention and receptivity, attunement naturally arises.  It is my intention to journey with you into all of the places that healing calls and bring them into vibrational harmony and true alignment.   

For the past 20 years Sarah has been on a journey into self.  Coming out of a very emotionally repressed and inhibited childhood, she found herself stricken by constant physical pain, anemia, emotional instability and depression.  Not perceiving any outside resources that she could turn to she discovered the power of poetry, and spoken word as a vehicle for change, transformation; emotional, mental and physical health.  Through this journey into the power of spoken word, within a loving and supportive community, she discovered the power of sound, of the True Tone.  It changed her life.  It was here that she discovered the relational world of frequencies and how everything in life is a pattern, a frequency of sound.   These frequencies and sounds that she was newly perceiving were the fundamental ground of health and well being.  Also, noting that when out of harmony with life they could also generate disease.  The magical thing she discovered is that patterns can be changed.  Frequencies can be harmonized.  From this frame of perceiving life everything can be healed.  It can be entrained back into its pure and healthy state.  

Sarah has continued her exploration of healing through frequency and vibratory attunement into the subtle and energetic landscape.  From this perceptive lens it is easy to identify relational patterns in the body, mind and soul.  Everything is energy, therefore energy can be use medicinally.   Through her own mindfulness practice, and 6 years as a mindfulness teacher, Sarah has also deepened her ability communicate and invite people into conversations that heal, something that she values deeply and continues to celebrate.  She also attributes much of her relational and community offerings to her time spent working with the The Reverence Project and Orland Bishop for his indaba.  

Sarah is interested in supporting people, couples, families and communities in conversations that heal.  She facilitates workshops and trainings around trauma healing, relational intelligence and power-with structural dynamics.  

Sarah has a degree in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, and a Certificate in Sound Voice and Music Healing from CIIS.

Along side her band Yayas.Kitchen, Sarah is currently an ongoing student of the Luminous Awareness Instituteand a Senior Mindfulness Educator for the non-profit organization Mission Be.

In the words of the beloved Ram Dass, “I am Loving Awareness, I am Loving Awareness, I am Loving Awareness… Yeeeea”.