I am in love with the exquisite nature of subtle energy, and believe deeply in the healing power of heart based attention and emotional attunement.  In my experience there is an emergent quality of being that can heal all things, and by heal, I mean to bring into right relationship, to embody one’s true nature, all the way from the level of soul to the physical expression of self.  That emergence begins with listening, and from that place of attention and receptivity, attunement naturally arises.  It is my intention to journey with you into all of the places that healing calls and bring them into vibrational resonance and alignment.  With the light of awareness may our precious bodies sing uninhibited and full of love.  

Sarah has a degree in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, Certificates in Sound Voice and Music Healing from CIIS 

She is currently an ongoing student of the Luminous Awareness Institute, a Mindfulness Educator for the non-profit organization Mission Be.

In the words of the beloved Ram Dass, “I am Loving Awareness, I am Loving Awareness, I am Loving Awareness… Yeeeea”.