“I believe that every person is their own best healer, and that when we collaborate in healing miracles happen.  It is my intention and my joy to share the power of subtle energy healing for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical transformation.  With the right tools, resources, and awareness, we have the ability to come into healthy relationship with all things.”

~Sarah Ann Cruse       

Your Body is Singing

Our nervous systems are always singing.  And just like an instrument we can be out of tune. Our state of being and the things that we create reflect the health of our natural attunement.  

Receive Support With…

Trauma and Emotional Imbalance:  Support and strengthen the emotional body.

Physical Pain and Injury:  Subtle energetic healing and alignment in the physical body.

Personal Relationship with Self and Others:  Learn to connect with yourself and others with more authenticity, awareness and intimacy.

Anxiety and Addiction:  Deepen your spirituality and creativity in all parts of life.


“Sarah is simply one of the best healers I’ve ever worked with.  She helped me make one of the most important spiritual breakthroughs I’ve ever experienced and has literally helped saved my life”  ~ April S.